Today I became a victim of several (uncommented) downvotes, 6 posts got downvote. I suspect this was happening for personal reasons only. My question is now how to deal with that. It is clear that I never will get any response if I just ask about the downvotes in the comment section of the questions/answer in question. Ignore? And is there a mechanism to undo this loss of reputation?


Your questions are covered by the Stack Exchange FAQ:

What do I do if I suspect someone has downvoted a lot of my posts?


I've just been downvoted. How should I react?

and in the Help Centre:

Why do I have a reputation change on my reputation page that says "voting corrected"?

I would say the best thing you can do is to improve the quality of your questions and answers.

By the way, I would also encourage you to avoid:

  • Asking for upvotes in comments
  • Unnecessary minor edits to your posts
  • Repeatedly unaccepting/accepting answers

These actions are just noise, and may even be encouraging the votes you are complaining about.

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