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26 votes

It has been a great privilege to serve this amazing community as moderator. Thank you

21 votes

Is there any way to fix reputation mechanics here?

20 votes

Is this ageism or acceptable humour?

14 votes

My reviewing of questions is declared "blatantly bad"; why, and how can I improve?

13 votes

how to prevent other people's comments from being deleted?

12 votes

is there a place to request feedback for analysis I've already done on a complex issue

11 votes

DBA.SE Xmas caption competition - 'tis the season to be jolly

10 votes

Would asking why an incorrect query is so much slower be "too basic"?

9 votes

Why are you rejecting this Edit - Changed

8 votes

Rewrite an Answered Question?

7 votes

Tag rename [ansi-sql-standard] to [sql-standard]

6 votes

Merge date, time and datetime tags

4 votes

how to undo edits someone else did on my own posts?

3 votes

Why was a MySQL question migrated?

3 votes

PgAdmin Tags should be redone

1 vote

Merge date, time and datetime tags