Paul S. Randal

I'm a consultant/trainer/author, SQL MVP, and I co-own and run SQLskills.com with my lovely wife and co-MVP Kimberly Tripp. I also blog and tweet a lot. Phew!

I was on the SQL team for almost 9 nine years - wrote a bunch of DBCC commands (e.g. INDEXDEFRAG, SHOWCONTIG, CHECKDB/repair), ran the Access Methods development team for SQL Server 2005, and ended up being responsible for the entire Core Storage Engine for SQL 2008. Occasionally I have to resort to "I'm sorry, you are incorrect, the code does not do that", which I hate, as in https://imgur.com/gallery/8t74s.

I'm an expert on Storage Engine internals, wait statistics, HA, maintenance, and disaster recovery. I teach this stuff internally for Microsoft and at conferences/clients around the world.

The answer usually starts with 'it depends'! :-)