Software Engineer living in Thailand since I was born.
Prefer not to work with Thai startup companies and especially in co-working space

Thrive to learn on modern Technology for example Machine Learning, BlockChain... etc

I usually appear on Django and DjangoREST gitter channel.

My favorite tools for now are
1. Django&DjangoRest
2. ReactJS
3. Docker
4. PyCharm
5. GNU/Linux Debian

OSX is not my taste and I am leaving it soon

I strictly concern my privacy at very high.
Therefore I occasional donate to the opensource communities
Because massive surveillance of any kind vary from
1. Proxy Gateway
2. Tracking cookies
3. Proprietary javascript
4. CCTV watching my laptop
5. ID-Card
6. Intel ME
7. ...etc
Considered my enemies. And I will not compromise.


Never capitulate

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