Hi, I have been working with SQL for more than 20 years. I am a self-taught programmer, who really misses the days of basic. Thank goodness for sites like StackOverflow. I have spent the better part of my career in banking, finance, manufacturing returns, education, and, now, healthcare. The majority of my experience had been writing reports for a variety of platforms, including Crystal Reports, Cognos, and SSRS. I have had the pleasure of using SSIS for various ETL processes, as well.

Due to a recent promotion, I am now working in a QlikView environment, which is both very enjoyable and a huge challenge. This is leading me to be able to branch out more into advanced analytics and less report writing. In addition to learning Qlik, I'm studying up on statistics (college stats was a long time ago), learning to program in python, and getting lost in R. I feel very blessed to be starting on a new path 20 years into my career. Who gets to be this lucky?

In my spare time, I've become the crazy cat lady in my neighborhood - I am now owned by 4 - and I like to hang out with my 4 grandsons (no, I'm not old enough, thank you for noticing - they're bonus grandsons) who range in age from nearly 14 down to 8. Luckily, I can still beat them at video games, so I'm still considered pretty cool. I, also, have an American Eskimo Dog - Oliver - who is a bit of a challenge. In order to train your dog, you really need to be smarter than he is and Ollie is giving me and my family quite the run for our money.

I love to read. I have books in every room and am never far from one. I download cozy mysteries to my phone via Kindle, so I'm never caught waiting without something to read. I am currently on a kick of reading the St Mary's Chronicles books (waiting for the next one to come out). I just started a new series, The Chronos Files by Rysa Walker. My current reading goal for 2019 is 100 books. I've already read 10 books this year placing me 5 books ahead of schedule. 4 of those books are non-fiction. I only read 16 non-fiction books last year and I would like to read at least 25 non-fiction books this year.

I own a PS4 and I am currently obsessed with Assassin's Creed. I have just started playing Odessey for the second time as Kassandra. I like the Battlefield games, as well. My online handle is BentleyGadget if you ever want to play with someone who loves the game, but really sucks at it!

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