Ulrich Thomas Gabor

Interested in computer science, especially software engineering, with a special focus on web development. Besides that I happen to know a thing or two about economics, in particular business economics, and science and technology studies.

Playing around with software for 15 years, I have worked professionally with many languages. I debugged myself through abstraction layers from high-level programming languages down to hardware, worked with embedded operating systems as well as Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud computing services. Additionally, I have given lectures at a university covering web development, and collected multiple certificates regarding project management principles along the way. I read a lot of papers, dissertations and theses regarding software, and have written a few myself.

If you enjoy robust software as much as I do, I am happy to help you implement projects. Just drop me a line.

Languages: PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, C, C++, CMake, MIPS, Python, Ruby

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