No, not at all. It is alright to change your picked answer if it suits you better or if it looks like a better answer for you or for the question and the future readers (that's a bigger discussion). But changing your pick only based on the number of votes is not recommended at all. ps: For this particular question I do think that the highest voted answer (...


Being the author of the question, you are free to choose whatever answer works for you, as explained in the Help Center: Accepting an answer [...] simply means that the author received an answer that worked for him or her personally [...]. The chosen answer doesn't have to be the one most upvoted. In fact, there may even be an added value in their ...


It might have been featured on the Hot Network Questions list. Perhaps someone tweeted it. Without access to question referrer statistics, it's tough to know for sure where those views came from. Safe to say its not hacking, with all the far higher value targets out there.

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