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Based on Crow's Foot notation: Symbol reference: image source Intended meanings as drawn (artistic licence employed): One (and only one) Database Administrators site Many questions Zero or many site achievements Zero or one featured meta questions (typically; of course right now we have two) The far terminator is currently a circle. I guess this could ...


The designer was Jin Yang (user link): See Our Designer in Residence: Jin Yang on the SO blog. Related dba.meta Q & A: Design for Database Administrators New Design Launched


Or perhaps something like this:


How about something like: I'm sure the nice folks from Stackexchange can produce specs with exact dimensions and suchlike. If necessary I've got Adobe CS6, visio etc. and could knock up a model that's not based on someone's production system. Getting the image to tesselate correctly down the left hand side of the page might need a bit of work.


Quick and dirty (click to embiggen). This is just the concept - since we don't seem to be afraid of using copyrighted images (e.g. meta and main both use Flight of the Concords). I would also color the HAL blue to better match our theme.


Maybe not the best or most creative but....


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Or how about a pic of Tron with the caption GREETINGS PROGRAMS! (Yes, I know it was Kevin Flynn who said it...but Tron is cooler....)


Maybe a pic of Master Control with the caption END OF LINE.

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