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I'm not the moderator that handled your flag, but here are my thoughts on this: Generally, I'm of the view that we (moderators) leave the Not An Answer (NAA) and Very Low Quality (VLQ) flags to be handled via the review queues for a decent length of time, unless the post is obviously NAA or VLQ. Where we do take action, we should expect to defend the ...


The question author adding a "conclusion" is a bit of an odd thing that does not naturally fit in Q & A format. Nevertheless, on the odd occasion the question author strongly feels this sort of addition is necessary, and obviously benefits the site, the conclusion must go in an answer not in the question. In the same way that people edit answers out of ...


I am the moderator that handled the flag, and here's my thoughts: I honestly don't recall what was going on in my head at the time I handled the flag. I just couldn't tell you. I can guess tho ... I didn't think the answer was TERRIBLE, because the user could very well have come back and added more detail. There is a case to be made that NoSQL is a valid ...


The flag was declined by a moderator since the flag is to be used only for questions that need moderator action. Deleting a post does not require moderator action, it only requires trusted users to vote to delete the post, as happened to this one.

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