These types of questions are harmful to the site and should be quickly closed and probably deleted. I know that SO has a no-shopping-list questions policy, and this feels like a shopping-list. It's not just SO, this has been established network wide for a long time. Just two meta.SE examples: List questions: Community Wiki? What is the definition of a ...


I don't think "this vs that" is a good fit for anything that attempts to be canonical. Each DBMS will change over time, and as such, the answers will vary substantially over time. These types of questions are just troll fodder, in my opinion.


Good question. Tools are officially on-topic here but of course it's a borderline area where there is overlap with SF, SO and even SU (but what exactly is/isn't on-topic at SU anyway?). In the end it's a judgement call: if you think your question will be interesting to our experts then I'd say 'ask here', that's the real criteria for an expert site like ...


Obviously it depends a bit more on the content of the question, but if it's a technical question (excluding coding specific questions) such as "how to use..." or "how do I configure..", I would post it on SU myself.

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