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Help me write this query in SQL

Howdy© and Welcome aboard®! We're glad you chose for assistance with your homework a production emergency writing your non-trivial query. When you need help writing a Query From ...
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Asking query performance questions

As many of the following as possible: Formatted text of the query/procedure/function. Indenting SQL by 4+ spaces on each line is usually best. Schema (CREATE TABLE); use text, not images Table, ...
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Do we accept database comparison questions or are they offtopic?

These types of questions are harmful to the site and should be quickly closed and probably deleted. I know that SO has a no-shopping-list questions policy, and this feels like a shopping-list. It'...
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Is the comment-only answer acceptable?

No Questions that are trivial enough to be answered in this way are too simple for and should be closed. If it does warrant a full answer, posting the answer as a comment makes the solution ...
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Do we accept database comparison questions or are they offtopic?

I don't think "this vs that" is a good fit for anything that attempts to be canonical. Each DBMS will change over time, and as such, the answers will vary substantially over time. These types of ...
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Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable Example

How to create a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable Example for database-related questions Database-related questions asking for practical advice will get the most helpful answers if they provide a ...
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Asking query performance questions

Instructions for PostgreSQL Performance Questions Copied from the postgresql-performance tag info. About improving / explaining the performance of existing queries. May concern particular query ...
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Is there a canonical list of Magic Links?

Yes This is the official guidance for canonical links - although it is not guaranteed to be up-to-date (and currently it is slightly out-of-date). See the comments below this post for a ...
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How do I include tables with Ascii art lines in my answer?

PostgreSQL PostgreSQL's official client, psql, makes this task super easy. It's a command line client. Further formatting options are available, Formatting \a toggle between ...
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Asking query performance questions

Taken from a comment by Wilson Hauck on a MySQL performance issue question. Instructions for MySQL Performance Questions Computer specifications RAM size SSD/NVME versus HDD on MySQL Host server ...

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