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No - it is just fine as it is.


Based on Crow's Foot notation: Symbol reference: image source Intended meanings as drawn (artistic licence employed): One (and only one) Database Administrators site Many questions Zero or many site achievements Zero or one featured meta questions (typically; of course right now we have two) The far terminator is currently a circle. I guess this could ...


It is jarring, but taking the background colour away entirely leaves it hard to tell what is code and what isn't: I think we should consider a third option, ether a lighter grey: Or something else: Just for reference, this is what we currently have:


Yes I would prefer this to be rendered with a monospace font only (no grey background). Without the CAPS/TitleCase it looks like this:


Now a separate discussion: Suggestions for a better headline graphic ERD-style decoration Before: After: Crow's foot (or transitioning to IDEF1X) would have been arguably more in keeping with the topic: Can the bare empty circles be changed to something more idiomatic?


The designer was Jin Yang (user link): See Our Designer in Residence: Jin Yang on the SO blog. Related dba.meta Q & A: Design for Database Administrators New Design Launched


Thanks Catija. I think it would be handy to have a one-click navigation back to the main site from the meta page in the left nav bar: If you think that is a good idea, maybe even add a link to 'Meta' in the same place on the main site — but only for users who are logged in and have a certain rep perhaps. We want to encourage the meta use and awareness, ...


status-completed Site title is too small Old view: The site title "Database Administrators" seems a little lost now (compared with nearby text): Can the text be scaled up a bit within the standard space available? Perhaps to make it the same height as the blue stacked cogs logo: Comparison with SFF:


Or perhaps something like this:


User name breaks weirdly in search results Before: Now:


How about something like: I'm sure the nice folks from Stackexchange can produce specs with exact dimensions and suchlike. If necessary I've got Adobe CS6, visio etc. and could knock up a model that's not based on someone's production system. Getting the image to tesselate correctly down the left hand side of the page might need a bit of work.


ERD Elements Instead of having the ERD circles hanging in the air, they could link up to the top bar, the side bar and the question section: ERD Elements Thin (incl. Larger Title) ERD Elements Thick (incl. Larger Title) ERD Connectors Without Linked Objects The ERD connectors that don't have any linked objects could be eliminated altogether.


Seems to have been restored at 17:48 UTC, January 23. See here more information: What happened to the top bar and it's restored now on meta.SE Quoting from the accepted answer by Shog9: There's a project underway to bring the mobile theme more inline with the design of the full site, including the new top bar and some experiments with vertical ...


Thanks for reporting. This is indeed an issue around markdown rendering. We're using two different markdown renderers - markdown-it for the client-side preview and Markdig for server-side processing. Both are processing the formatting you've given differently. It seems like the specific formatting you're giving is interpreted quite ambiguously among ...


Looking back, the main place I see this discussed previously is as part of our graduation proces: Design for Database Administrators It seems the designer drew inspiration from various ER diagram types. One answer there (not from the designer) mentions "crows feet connectors". Perhaps Jin will remember more and post a more complete answer here.


This has been fixed by badges changes of some months ago:


Not sure if @Jin fixed this or if it just went away in the course of making other changes, but either way, I didn't see this behavior.

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