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2 answers

Possible up-vote abuse?

The question I came across in New Question queue, looked so horrific I didn't dare rate it; I just put in my rash opinion as a comment. I glanced at it later, and it had 2 up-votes. Knowing a bit ...
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Huge number of visits

In the first 24 hours after posting, Identity column re-seed: when it is necessary? garnered about 700 Visits. Was it real? Was it some form of hacking? (I'm not complaining; my Answer got a lot ...
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If an answer has more upvotes than my chosen answer should I change my chosen answer for the sake of readers in the future?

I have a question HERE which has more up-votes for an answer I have not chosen than the answer I have. What I want to know is if an answer has more up-votes than my chosen answer should I change my ...
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