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How can comments disappear?

I wrote a comment to this question that helped user to find out why the error will be raised. The user answered with a comment and I get a notification. Now I cannot see my comment nor can I see his ...
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Can we have an Off-Topic > Belongs on StackOverflow option?

I'd like for our users to have the ability to vote to close as off-topic > belongs on Stack Overflow. Almost all of our migrations have gone there and, unfortunately, the current process is confusing. ...
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Please help us delete the SQL tag!

Continuing the process started in Let's burninate the SQL tag! and Removing the SQL tag. It is time to work our way through questions that have only the sql tag. Use the results of this SEDE ...
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Review queue oddness

There are currently 55 questions in the close queue on - Many are old, and it all seems a bit weird that old questions now have 4 out of 5 close votes. Has ...
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Rep and removed users

I recently had someone downvote an answer and when I saw the rep explanation on my account it said "user was removed". This is kind of difficult to understand why I lost reputation. I'm assuming they ...
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Renewing the "basic" discussion

It was reviewed quite extensively on meta. This debate is years old. Can we get a resolution on this? I came to the site far after the question was initially presented. In fact, it was already ...
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Please enable SQL Language syntax highlighting

Does the SQL language hint not work on this site (perhaps because it is in beta)? I tried adding <!-- language: sql --> to a question, as per the meta information on language hints, but it didn’...
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Is there a canonical list of Magic Links?

Recently I learned "Magic Links" are a thing Paul White: Magic links now work e.g. [mcve] and [example] and [repro] for the new help page Jul 10 9:45 PM This is awesome, but I have a nagging ...
9 votes
4 answers

Why was my answer deleted?

Rather than assume I understand the reason that my answer was deleted, I wanted to just post it here and open it up to public scrutiny. Special note: my answer used the non-deprecated method. It was ...
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New Review Queue: Faulty Red Dot!

With the new toolbar, sometimes when I check the review queue, I'll see a red dot. However, when I go into the queue, it says that its been cleared. The red dot will persist for a bit afterwards.
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What will happen when we launch? (aka: OMG! What happened to my privileges?!) [closed]

At long last, the site will launch! All our hard work here is finally paying off. This is quite exciting. But please be aware that this is not without cost. As painful as it may be initially, users ...
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1 answer

Should database theory questions be posted here, in cstheory or in cs?

As per title, it doesn't seem to be clear. As an aside, maybe for similar situations you should add a feature to allow to add a link to the question on the questions pane of the closely related ...
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5 votes
3 answers

Closing questions of the same pattern or answering them for the use case?

I was just about to answer this question when it was closed. I'm cool with it being closed, but I think we should have some unified stance regarding lumping together questions by pattern. A lot of ...
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UPSERT synonym for MERGE?

I created a tag upsert (7x) today and wrote a somewhat useful (I hope) tag wiki. Later I found that there is already a tag merge (15x, no wiki). Would you consider the two synonymous? I can't mark ...
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Can I ask a question about ODBC driver and license? [duplicate]

I want to ask a question about whether a license is required to use an ODBC driver, but I don't know whether it is on topic or not. The question I'm meant to ask is: We have a product that uses SQL ...
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Bad tags - how to delete

I was on the wrong site and created 3 bad tags. How do delete tags? .NET WPF C# Question is too short. That is about it - how to delete tags you created by accident?
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2 answers

how to undo edits someone else did on my own posts?

someone edited my question as you can see here and on the picture below. this is the question in the discussion here. the edit was approved (obviously it was a mistake) how can I undo this edit on ...
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Tag rename [ansi-sql-standard] to [sql-standard]

The standard, though originally ANSI isn't really ANSI anymore. In fact, I imagine far more people develop it from the ISO/IEC outside of ANSI. ANSI calls it ISO/IEC 9075-4:2016, and the ISO/IEC make ...
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Why was my question deleted

I have a question about my Database Administrators Stack Exchange post: What prevents me from using SQL Server Developer edition as production so my question it's pretty normal and there's no other ...
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