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Is asking about a list of the rules determining effective permission in SQL Server within the scope of the site?

Would the following question be within the scope of the site? I've been struggling to find a listing for the rules that determine the effective permissions of a user on a database object in SQL ...
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Posts offering money for solution

I just saw this new post (Paid) How to optimize a MySQL joining to itself? that includes a link to the same question on I am not sure how I feel about it. I looked for related posts ...
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Are trivial questions 'too localized'? Any need to improve respective close reason message?

Update: I've deleted my answer on the referenced question. Now, it can be purged by delete votes or the Stack Exchange Roomba. I would like to understand better why How to upgrade pgAdmin 4 version 1....
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Are SQL Challenges On Topic?

Should SQL challenges (performance-related or otherwise) be considered on topic for this site? By "SQL challenge" I mean attempting to solve a problem using SQL that may not have any immediate, real ...
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What is our stance on questions asking about a program in beta version?

What is our stance on questions asking about a program in beta version? Are they on-topic or off-topic?
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I propose we add a Vote-to-Close reason to handle licensing questions

I would propose the following wording, or some variation there-of: This question appears to be off-topic because it is about licensing. Questions on licensing should be referred to the vendor, and ...
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Should we have a tag for MDX? Where do MDX questions belong?

I answered a question today on Stackoverflow that was migrated to DBA.SE. I took a look at the FAQ and see that BI and Data Warehousing are on topic, but basic SQL is not. The question is basic MDX, ...
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Scope, migration and respect for other users

Update: a blog post based on feedback here and elsewhere: Respect the community – your own, and others’ The history of migration Stack Exchange has grown considerably over the past few years... When ...
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What shopping question are (and aren't) welcome on DBA.SE?

There are many shopping questions on the site; for example: Tool to generate large datasets of test data What tools are there for data masking? (MySQL, Linux) Any Open Source / free ETL out there? ...
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Most of my DB questions are about OODBMS/NoSQL. Should I ask them here, or in Stack-Overflow?

I'm in charge of an OODBMS at work, and am generally mostly interested in NoSQL DB. It seems to me that most questions here are about SQL database. But SQL is just one sort of database, and the "About"...
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MySQL high availability, failover and replication

Hello, Would this forum be appropriate for asking questions on best ways to configure MySQL in a high-availability manner with automated failover, and quick replication? Or would it be serverfault? ...
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Is MS Access on-topic?

I thought about asking a question regarding triggers in MS Access but wasn't sure if that belonged here or not.
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