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List of post that need need attention for various reasons from the community. The queues allow for community involvement in keeping the site on right track.

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Delete comments in review queues

I was reviewing the Close queue when I saw one of my comments. (Please tag your DBMS, version included). I was about to delete it when I realized that it is not allowed while you are in reviewing mode....
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how to undo edits someone else did on my own posts?

someone edited my question as you can see here and on the picture below. this is the question in the discussion here. the edit was approved (obviously it was a mistake) how can I undo this edit on ...
2 votes
0 answers

Comments of a question in Review Queue

It just caught my eye this morning that going through the Reopen Votes Queue that for a given question it just shows the question. I think the only queue that shows anything more than the question is ...
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