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how to undo edits someone else did on my own posts?

someone edited my question as you can see here and on the picture below. this is the question in the discussion here. the edit was approved (obviously it was a mistake) how can I undo this edit on ...
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A mismatch in the number of items to be reviewed [duplicate]

Interestingly, the number of items displayed in the header usually does not match the sum of numbers of the individual review queues. See the screenshot, taken a few minutes ago: Why is this so? I ...
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Is a tag that is *operating system* specific useful?

For instance, db2-luw referring to DB2 for Linux, Unix, or Windows as opposed to just db2 ? Also, when approving tag wiki edits, it would be great to be able to see proposed edits made against both ...
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Skip "There are no items for you to review" page

The Review page lists multiple review categories and the number of entries awaiting review. Selecting any category shows all the reviewable entries in the category and then displays a page with the ...
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First Posts Reviews not working

Back in October, dezso asked this question which is flagged as bug fixed. However, I'm still seeing the issue that a user's first post is not showing up in the first post review list. Here is an ...
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First post not in review list?

Here is a question from Joey, which is his first post on DBA.SE (his user profile shows exactly one question and no answers so far). However, the first posts review list is empty (and today's listing ...
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