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Why is there a difference between my reputations in the menu bar and whats in My Communities list?

Right now I am confused with the fact that I have 237 points or reputations I am seeing at the top right of the Database Administrators forum, but in YOUR COMMUNITIES list it says 172.
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User was removed -- lose 810 points

Wow! I answered or commented on someone who was so bad that he eventually got removed. He must have posted hundreds of Questions? Was I that much of a sucker to "help" him dozens of times? (It's ...
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My score record refers to the topic which I didn't ask and didn't answer

Noticed my score was credited -1 due to downvote. Funny thing the record references the topic which I didn't ask and never answered. Bug or something? Topic: Splitting a large table
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Unupvote + (re)upvote isn't cancelled out for daily reputation cap calculation

I have seen the notice about "Daily rep limit = 200; accepted answer and bounties do not count against this limit" notice for a while. November 17th was the first time I reached that 200 limit (for ...
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DBA Stackexchange bug

Looked in the help section to figure out where to post a bug report, it's minor but still. The candle icon for "Achievements" has a bug at least for my account where there is +12 rep for Stack ...
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What will happen when we launch? (aka: OMG! What happened to my privileges?!) [closed]

At long last, the site will launch! All our hard work here is finally paying off. This is quite exciting. But please be aware that this is not without cost. As painful as it may be initially, users ...
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Why did my reputation be decreased by 8 points and 4 points and increased on other site on 14

I cannot see any downvotes but my reputation was decreased by 8 points on UI site: from 752 to 744. The same situation on site: from 852 to 848 (4 points). At the same ...
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Privilege levels for new Stack Exchanges

I notice that you need 4000 rep to edit tag wikis, but DBA is relatively new; I don't think we have anyone yet who can do this, so we are essentially wiki-less and may be for a few more months. There ...
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