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"Migration" is the process of migrating off-topic questions from a Stack Exchange site to another.

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Should I vote to "move to Stackoverflow" on SQL questions?

I often encounter questions that ask for help with writing SQL, and I usually vote to move them to Stackoverflow, because that is about programming in my book. But I have the feeling that mine is not ...
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Corrupted migration?

The following question was migrated from Stack Overflow: iTunesConnect Error: “Unknown app version” The source of the migration is a revision of an answer. What gives?
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Closing questions as off-topic when they belong on our site

Over the past couple of days I have noticed questions that have been flagged as needing to be closed or migrated to Stack Overflow because these questions contain code or not direct questions about a ...
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Should one open a new question on DBA if a similar question exists on SO which cannot be migrated?

I was about to ask about AWS migration, but found it addressed on SO. That question is more than 60 days old, and therefore it can't be migrated (I believe). Still, it's a DBA-related question, and ...
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Cleaning up rejected migrations

The system does not automatically clean up rejected migrations (questions sent here from another site, then closed here as anything except a duplicate). Since rejected migrations are locked by ...
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Why was a MySQL question migrated? Just trying to figure out why this was migrated? I only want to use database functions to do the task. ...
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Migrated posts treated as different user

I have multiple Stack Exchange accounts. Those include and I had asked a question a while back on Stack Overflow, which has since been migrated to dba. On ...
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Should I have posted at CodeReview instead?

The dba thread in question: Access (Jet) SQL: DateTime stamps in TableB flanking each DateTime stamp in TableA I believe with the status of my code as it now stands, my question may be better suited ...
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Can we have an Off-Topic > Belongs on StackOverflow option?

I'd like for our users to have the ability to vote to close as off-topic > belongs on Stack Overflow. Almost all of our migrations have gone there and, unfortunately, the current process is confusing. ...
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A request for elaboration when migrating SO questions

As is discussed regularly in the heap, there seems to be a steady decline in the overall quality of questions on StackOverflow. I am nervous that this symptom will bleed into our site, and to prevent ...
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Migration makes tags orphaned references

A question, "How to Model Inheritance of Two Tables MYSQL" was migrated to this forum from Stackoverflow. Unfortunately, my answer to that question contained references to three tags that do not ...
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Should we have a tag for MDX? Where do MDX questions belong?

I answered a question today on Stackoverflow that was migrated to DBA.SE. I took a look at the FAQ and see that BI and Data Warehousing are on topic, but basic SQL is not. The question is basic MDX, ...
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Scope, migration and respect for other users

Update: a blog post based on feedback here and elsewhere: Respect the community – your own, and others’ The history of migration Stack Exchange has grown considerably over the past few years... When ...
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8 votes
2 answers

Separate room for question management

SuperUser and ServerFault have dedicated rooms to manage "vote to close" I propose one for too (note: I've already created it as "Vote to Ellipsis") to keep "The Heap" free. Posts about ...
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Why are database developers' Q&A migrated to DBAs site

The following link is an example: How SQL Server handles concurrent requests? Why was it migrated to DBAs site? I think that at this time such questions get more exposure on stackoverflow. As such, ...
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Now the site is public, are ServerFault database questions going to be migrated across?

At the time of posting this, the Server Fault site has 2,646 questions tagged "sql-server". Should they be migrated across? And if so, should this be an automatic bulk process, or will each ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Migration Query So could someone give a good "Boss Answer" for what a relational database is? And maybe how its different ...
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Should questions from Oracle Overflow be migrated here?

Should questions from Oracle Overflow the StackExchange 1.0 site for Oracle questions be migrated here at some point after the beta?
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Migration of questions vs. marking duplicate / Is there a facility for marking questions as "Duplicate of SO question"?

I know that there's a facility for requesting a question be migrated (as per this other meta question), but I know in SO itself, there's a feature for marking a question as a duplicate - does anyone ...
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Are DB questions going to be migrated from SO?

Are DB questions going to be migrated from SO to this site? If so, how does that work? Do we have to ask for a specific question to be migrated or do they try to apply some logic based on tags?
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