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1 answer

Markdown issue with # in PostgreSQL code

In formatted SQL code, the Postgres operator #> is currently misinterpreted as comment sign, which results in confusing display. Happened here: Dynamically update JSONB rows - POSTGRESQL I can ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Featured Text links highjacked

In this answer, I attempt to add a link with a "scroll-to-text" anchor
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8 votes
1 answer

Rendering/markdown bug with bullet and code formatting

This answer originally contained formatting like: - LOG: could not receive data from client: which renders (as intended) in preview as: but when posted ...
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What is the correct way to downvote

I did down vote an answer with comments. I get -1 reputation. That is not my primary concern, I am just trying to understand the correct way of down vote.
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4 votes
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why is xml not displayed when I format is as code?

I copied some xml to an answer, and I formatted it as code, but it hides everything between the < and > braces. Answer is here. What did I do wrong?
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A missing blank line disables code mode

I created a table like this: +-----------------------+-----------------------+ |Heading 1 |Heading 2 | +-----------------------+-----------------------+ | R1 ...
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