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How do I put hard returns/line breaks in my questions on this site?

I've posted a few questions with code on this site. Each time I have written the code with appropriate line-breaks. But when I post the questions the line-breaks disappear, and all the code ends up on ...
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Possibility to use typesetting on Database Administrator site [duplicate]

Though not daily, from time to time it would be really nice to be able to use typesetting (like MathML, Latex, etc) to be able to express formulas etc for theoretical stuff. In the long run, I think ...
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how to show data as in a grid for adding in posts? [duplicate]

Often times I need to represent data in a way similar to this one: ...which is: +------------------+--------------+------+-----+---------+-------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | ...
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Should we change the formatting of backtick markdown elements?

At the moment, backtick markdown elements are rendered with a grey background. This can get a little jarring when used frequently, for example: I have a table Widgets with columns, WidgetID, Name, ...
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A missing blank line disables code mode

I created a table like this: +-----------------------+-----------------------+ |Heading 1 |Heading 2 | +-----------------------+-----------------------+ | R1 ...
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"Quotes "in" the titles", are backwards ""when"" nested or stacked

"Quotes "in" the titles" of text, are backwards when nested. However they don't get quotified from the double-apos in the body. So things look right in the body, but not in the rendered title or on ...
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STYLE GUIDE: Code formatting expectations and when to complain ... aka What's Acceptable for Posting?

Ok, so this is a site that's going to have a lot of SQL. We're going to have people posting all sorts of SQL. So the intent of this post is: "What's acceptable and what's not" SELect * frOM DUAL ...
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