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For questions about the flagging process, how flags are handled, etc.

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Spam flag declined on strange answer

I reviewed late answers and got shown an answer that only had gibberish in it, no coherent answer whatsoever (first I thought ok a test maybe) and flagged it as spam. Now I got the flag declined, but ...
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flagging clarification for low level answers

on this answer which basically all it says: Edit the connection and be sure to select the version of mysql installed on your PC in the "Local Client" section I believe it is a low level answer, ...
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3 answers

declined very low quality post (-5 votes and deleted)

A flag for very low quality post was declined. -5 Performance tuning for MySQL database (read only) answered Jul 3 at 15:53 by XXX With the reason: declined - flags should only be used to ...
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Should I flag these two very low quality questions with the same template from two different users?

Today I saw these two questions. They are IMHO very low quality/effort ones, but may be "fixed" with a few comments and right response from OPs. But looking at them together, they are two variants of ...
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Why is flag declined based on content edited after flagging?

I flagged this answer which - at the time I flagged it, was not an answer at all. The post was edited, became an answer, and my flag was declined. Should the flag not have been helpful as it ...
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Why is there not a way to unflag a post?

I flagged a post, but upon reflection, it should not have been flagged. Is there a way to "un"-flag a post? Shouldn't there be?
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I'm not sure what was wrong with this flag

I flagged this question with the comment "impossible to answer". The flag was declined with the message: flags should only be used to make moderators aware of content that requires their ...
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Should "thanks" and "welcome" comments be removed as "too chatty"?

I often see comments along the following lines: Thanks! You're welcome. :) This is great! In person, I appreciate these aspects of common courtesy. On Stack Exchange, they are considered unnecessary....
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Who decides the migration paths of questions?

Currently, if I flag a question as off-topic, I only have the option to recommend it goes to meta DB. Will I ever be able to flag it as more appropriate for ServerFault or SO?
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