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Can/should this question be prevented from deletion?

The question Can I update my Microsoft Enterprise SQL Server? was migrated from and then rejected. If I understand the Auto delete rules correctly it will be deleted in about 30 ...
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Why was my question deleted

I have a question about my Database Administrators Stack Exchange post: What prevents me from using SQL Server Developer edition as production so my question it's pretty normal and there's no other ...
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User was removed -- lose 810 points

Wow! I answered or commented on someone who was so bad that he eventually got removed. He must have posted hundreds of Questions? Was I that much of a sucker to "help" him dozens of times? (It's ...
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Deleting useless content from the site

Our site has a lot of good content with lasting value. It also has quite a bit of poor content - primarily old, closed questions that do not qualify for the automatic cleanup processes. To summarize ...
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Cleaning up rejected migrations

The system does not automatically clean up rejected migrations (questions sent here from another site, then closed here as anything except a duplicate). Since rejected migrations are locked by ...
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I don't have delete option under my question in stackexchange

How to have delete option under my question in stackexchange?
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How to post deleted question

I posted this question and soon after deleted it. Now some days later I think it is a good question and want to repost it. When I try to post the system refuses it saying it is a duplicate and showing ...
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