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Chat is the real time, stateful web chat that's a part of every Stack Exchange site.

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Helping new users write good questions

Background Some new users struggle to write a good question first time around. We already help in comments (e.g. by linking to helpful resources) but this does not always result in the question being ...
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When is it prudent to start a chat?

I've seen a number of questions with comments ranging in the 10s and higher. In a very small subset of these, I occasionally see someone open up a chat regarding the conversation within the question'...
7 votes
2 answers

Link to chat discussion gives 404 after undeleting the room

It looks like Paul White cleaned up (deleted) some comments on my old question, replacing them with a link to the old chat. The link to the chat discussion looks reasonable: http://chat.stackexchange....
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How to start a chat?

Sometimes, when I post a question, someone might come and post a comment, that does not necessarily belong to the context. I would like then, to reply in a chat room, rather than another comment. ...
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Experimenting with top user ticker overlay feeds in The Heap

I made a feature-request on M.SE which met with a mixed reception - guarded interest plus virulent opposition. Basically I was suggesting having an overlay ticker-feed of activity on the main site of ...
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2 answers

Chat is notifying me incorrectly

I got several notifications from The Heap that should have targeted another user. The notification link to chat is: ...
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Can we change the comment-flag system on The Heap chatroom?

Yesterday (April 1st, April Fools Day notwithstanding) we had some high-ranking members of DBA.SE banned from chat by moderators/10k users from other sites that did not take an appropriate amount of ...
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25 votes
2 answers

Chat and the SE toolbar

I quite often spend plenty of time in chat without ever navigating back to Is there any way of making the Stack Exchange toolbar (as it appears on appear at the top of the chat page ...
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It's the 14th of January. I still see sleighs

It's the 14th of January. I still see sleighs when people depart from chat. Christmas is over. When is it due to stop?
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3 answers

Exclusive Chat session?

Please let me know your thoughts on arranging an exclusive chat session for dbas ( users) to discuss site progress, faq page, tag-wikis and site promotion? EDIT: Chat Session ...