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Should Stack Overflow provide hints on asking at DBA?

I just posted a question on suggesting that it should provide a hint to questioners that they should ask in dba.SE instead, perhaps trying to use AI technology to detect the ...
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How to add conclusive information to a question - after it has been answered?

The other day I asked a question that I have been struggling with for some time. when the question was answered, before I accepted the answer I tried it. After that I wanted to show the world, and ...
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Asking query performance questions

What information should be provided when asking how to improve the performance of a query?
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Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable Example

How can I best ask my question so people will be able to understand it and reproduce the problem if necessary?
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Helping new users write good questions

Background Some new users struggle to write a good question first time around. We already help in comments (e.g. by linking to helpful resources) but this does not always result in the question being ...
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Should we create a "what is meltdown/spectre and will it impact my SQL servers" question?

Here is the "canonical" question on the meltdown/spectre vulnerability on InfoSec.SE: Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities Can I/should I create a related question on dba.SE, perhaps something like, ...
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How to ask a question when unable to reveal table data/structure

I recently asked a question about a Full Text Search to find out if anyone had experience or tips on how to handle a wildcard search (was about one wildcard on each side of the search string, making ...
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What's wrong with this database recommendation question?

A while ago I asked this database recommendation question and it was immediately downvoted/flagged. I've edited it several times to try to clarify what I'm asking, but no matter how I try to explain ...
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I have selected an answer, but my requirements have changed

I recently posted a question here that garnered a couple nice answers. I selected the best one that worked and went on my merry way. Now, however, my requirements have changed slightly, but enough ...
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Would question about database recommendation be on topic?

I am developing desktop application that will need a database. App will only run on Windows. My problem comes from not being able to afford SQL Server Enterprise Edition, and Express Edition has ...
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Possible to Optimize Based on DB Structure Only - No Data

There are some queries in my MySQL DB that seems to take a bit of time to execute. As the data is somewhat sensitive, it is not possible for me to share it with outsiders. However, I do need ...
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Subjectively speaking, is my question salvageable?

I wrote this this question, thinking it might be a good general question to get started. I ended up revising it massively with some good comments. I read the background on what makes a good subjective ...
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Should each RDBMS tag have a version number? [duplicate]

We have RDBMS tags such as mysql and sql-server but should we only allow tags like this with the version appended? sql-server-2000 mysql-5.6 The reason I bring this up is the features and behavior of ...
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5 votes
2 answers

Is question about improving database design on topic?

I was working on a creation of Informational System and had to create database that held large amount of data, with GUI that was responsible for edition/insertion/report building... Database was ...
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Update of FAQ question "How do I ask a good question"

I am referring to the differences in the FAQ question "How do I ask a good question?" I just saw someone reference the SO version of this FAQ in a question on DBA.SE. I don't know how the FAQ links ...
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Are Couchbase questions on topic?

I noticed that there was no tag for Couchbase and only a small number of questions mentioning it. So are Couchbase questions on-topic for this site - dba.SE (it which case it'd be lovely to get a tag)...
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30 votes
4 answers

Can We / Should We Strongly Encourage Users to Specify RDBMS on the "Ask" page?

More than most other sites, the majority of our questions require a specific piece of information: What RDBMS and what version is the asker using? If it's possible, would it be a benefit to add this ...
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How to guide users vs handing solutions on a plate

I've recently seen a particular user asking us to completely solve his problem for him, ie: How do I convert this Access query for SQL Server? Help Me To Convert This Ms-Access Query Into SQL Server ...
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Question asked but it isn't showing up under "Questions"

I asked a question about 1 minute ago and it isn't showing up under "Questions" with no filters on. It does show in my profile as being asked. Is this a cache issue on a server?
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