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Answer was deleted as "not an answer" even though I stress in the tested code that the temp tables have their data only in one of three main methods

My answer was deleted, see DFT drops connection and its temporary table after leaving any DFT item, tested with two Script Components. How do I keep the temp table alive?. I gave the tested code, ...
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Is it ok to add an answer for a later software version?

Sometimes I see questions tagged sql-server-2005, but I have an answer for a later version, like sql-server-2019. Things have changed and it works in a slightly different way. Is it ok to add an ...
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Should we flag an answer for deletion if it is essentially the same as an earlier answer?

If Alice answers "reverse the polarity" in January, and then in July Bob answers with "try reversing the polarity," should we flag the second for moderation action and deletion? ...
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flagging clarification for low level answers

on this answer which basically all it says: Edit the connection and be sure to select the version of mysql installed on your PC in the "Local Client" section I believe it is a low level answer, ...
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what could be an acceptable way to add a fix to an accepted answer?

I have a question regarding calculating the space used by a table, indexes, etc. Someone just used the scripts they got from the beautiful answer to that question, and noticed it did not work for sql ...
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Searching my own answers

Is there a way to search answers written by me for specific word/words? I am looking at these because sometimes I look at a question and realize answering similar before and trying to locate that ...
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how to prevent other people's comments from being deleted?

yesterday (12-jun-2017) I posted 2 questions and none of them was answered directly, however, the comments people posted were very useful and they enlighted me to do what I needed to do with ...
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If an answer has more upvotes than my chosen answer should I change my chosen answer for the sake of readers in the future?

I have a question HERE which has more up-votes for an answer I have not chosen than the answer I have. What I want to know is if an answer has more up-votes than my chosen answer should I change my ...
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Should we add answers when the best answer already exists?

I'm not suggesting we game the system, but one of the Area 51 metrics that will be evaluated at the end of the beta is the answer ratio described as: 2.5 answers per question is good, only 1 answer ...
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Are there any regulations on 'right' answers that just contain links?

I asked this question, and the answer provides a link to exactly what I was wanting to know. I'd like to mark his as 'accepted answer', but it seems simply providing a link won't draw people to the ...
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