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Are questions about database design considered appropriate? [duplicate]

Would you consider questions about database design as appropriate for this website?
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Why Database Administrators?

When I comited to this site, the title was Database. It suddenly became Database Administrators, why that ? Talking about database is not only the administration side it's all the task around also. ...
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Should basic SQL questions be allowed?

I’m going to buck the pervasive mentality here and ask the question:    Why shouldn’t include basic SQL questions? Previous related discussions: How do we ...
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"Database Administrators" needs to die [duplicate]

Every few weeks another sharp poster asks: Why are you asking DBAs about source control? Why are you asking DBAs about performance? Why are you asking DBAs about database design or data warehousing? ...
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Opinions about merging the Business Intelligence proposal into this site

Now officially included The scope of DBA.SE has been adjusted to include Business Intelligence and the B.I. proposal has now been closed. Thanks to all concerned. Edit from JColeBrand - current ...
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Where to draw the DBA/DB developer line?

I'm a developer with DBA experience. Sometimes I have questions about indexing, sometimes SQL and sometimes how a C# applications interacts with the database. Where is the line drawn between what ...
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Beginner's questions (convert Access queries and such)

It seems pretty obvious, having been on this site for a while, that the primary target for this site is database administrators (or people who want to be DBAs, people who love working with databases ...
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How do we promote our site?

One of the 7 essential meta questions: This is rapidly becoming a hot issue across the entire network: how to promote your site and how to reach out to the experts and pundits in your ...
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How do we define a question as being "too basic"? Where do we draw the line?

It has been suggested that we close 'true beginner questions' as off-topic on this site. Where do we draw the line? For example, should this question be closed (I've voted to close it as off-topic, ...
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What about business intelligence?

I was wondering if business intelligence has a place on this website. In business intelligence, we can see three or four domains that relate to database expertise: ETL Data warehousing Data modeling ...
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Can the share on twitter linke automatically include #sqlhelp?

The SQL Twitter community has done a great job self organizing around the #sqlhelp hashtag. I think it makes sense to add this hashtag to the default text of the share this question on twitter link on ...
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What does a Database Adminstrator do?

Specifically, what makes a DBA different than other IT professionals such as System Administrators and Developers? What does a DBA have to know, be responsible for, and do that merits a separate ...
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Is LDAP on topic?

Are LDAP servers considered databases for the purposes of this site?
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Should our FAQ draw a line for "DBA" SQL questions and "SO" SQL questions? Is there one?

Questions like this question and this list seem to cover it reasonably well but our FAQ really doesn't cover when I should be asking a DBA and when I should be asking a programmer; on occasiona I've ...
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Are "Help me with this query" questions on topic?

Are "Help me with this query" questions on topic here or are they 'too localized'? I have a table, with indexes but the explain seems to indicate that the indexes are not used and I'd like some ...
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