Over the years (2 years, actually), I have seen many posts where the asker introduces himself/herself as a newbie. Some questions are blantantly easily, others more profound.

In either case, here is my question: Should there be a tag attached to such questions ? I figured since a tag exists, a may not be a bad thing. That way, DBA.SE can track that demographic.

Any thoughts on this ???


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No, I think this is quite similar to:

Should there be a tag for classroom help?

(Note that while the homework tag exists, it is only because it is very infrequently used and the moderators here have not bothered to abolish it - it has certainly been vanquished on SO.)

Just because the OP is a newbie does not mean that the answer should be any different; after all, the answer isn't just for the OP, and it may be useful to the OP a year from now when they're no longer as much of a newbie, never mind all the non-newbies that might benefit from the answer in the meantime.

So I don't believe such a tag will be beneficial in any way.

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