While admittedly so basic I nearly didn't post it, isn't this a legitmate answer to the asker's question?

Oracle UPDATE followed by SELECT in LinqPad

Just want to make sure I'm following the community rules...

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Brevity is NOT an implicit problem; it's simply an indicator that is often associated with incomplete answers.

However, after you posted your answer, the OP commented on the question with:

I did try terminating my statement with a ; but that didn't work

My take on this is that since that comment from the OP, your answer is now 'not an answer', because the aim is to provide a solution to the OP's actual problem.

For that reason, I'd say the best course of action is now to convert the answer to a comment. If the missing semi-colon was the issue, then I'd have upvoted your answer, and of course closed the question as 'too localized'!

  • Makes sense - I didn't see that comment, so I get it now. :) Thanks, Jack!
    – JHFB
    Commented May 20, 2013 at 0:07

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