I mean can we have <!-- language-all: sql --> applied by default to all posts where no highlighting is specified of course.

I note this would make us different from the rest of SE [edit: or possibly not], but on a site like this I think a SQL default makes sense.

The alternative is we go through and set the default highlight on every major tag.


I've enabled this, but there are some caveats, so please keep them in mind:

  • The default highlighting language is SQL. NOT auto-detect. If you ever want some other kind of syntax highlighting, you'll need to specify it explicitly (using the comment hint) or adjust the tag defaults accordingly.

  • Syntax highlighting is enabled by default. So in places where you're using code blocks simply for the fixed-width spacing, you'll want to turn it off explicitly using the comment hint:

    <!-- language: lang-none -->


    <!-- language-all: lang-none -->

Example: Having multiple refs in an intersection table

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    That's great, thanks! Oct 24 '12 at 5:49

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