I am little confused about a certain badge. What exactly is a CleanUp badge?

  • Does it entail Deleting your own questions?
  • Does it entail Deleting your own answers?
  • Does it entail Replacing your own answers?
  • What is it that is being rolled back?
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The CleanUp badge is award on the first time you rollback a post.

Reasons to rollback include:

  • Another users edits were not comparable to your meaning
  • You added additional information that was incorrect later
  • Someone added tags to your question that didn't fit
  • Someone tried to "clean up your spelling" and didn't realize your acronyms were correct


For deleting your own questions: see Disciplined and Peer Pressure

It would not entail replacing your own answers.

To give you a chance for the rollback, I'm going to edit your Q. Then I would like you to click the edited timestamp, and choose to rollback the post, by clicking rollback at the first edit. (source edit rollback)

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