I am seeking help to create a tag for griddb. Please check ( Tag Info ) on SO. I have posted question on DBA.SE that would cover in griddb tag. Currently I have used query tag because that's the closest one available.

I request to create the griddb tag so the question I have posted on DBA.SE would go in griddb tag

How to select and group values from a SQL Database column using GridDB Python Client

How to store 2 different databases in a single GridDB container

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Ok, I have recreated the tag, with reservations.

Please be aware the tag will only live as long as there is at least one visible question associated with it.

If the community here determines that questions are not adding value to the site, questions may be closed and ultimately deleted. Once the last question is deleted, the tag will go away as well.

This is what happened before: Previous questions associated with were not well-received at all, most of them being fairly transparent attempts at astroturfing. We will not tolerate that sort of activity at all.

I also note very few GridDB questions get good answers even on Stack Overflow. Perhaps the experience here will be different.

Ultimately, the quantity and quality of answers will determine the fate of this tag.

Your best chance of success is to encourage people who can provide high quality answers to GridDB questions to participate here. The questions and answers should further the aims of this site:

Database Administrators is a question and answer site for database professionals. It's built and run by you as part of the Stack Exchange network of Q&A sites. With your help, we're working together to build a library of expert answers to advanced database-related questions.

Emphasis on library of expert answers to advanced database-related questions.

We are not interested in hosting unanswered questions about every niche product just for the sake of it.

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