Title says it all. What the [REDACTED]?


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I think a lot of information on the linked Q & A Time vindicates those that are right and righteous, like me explains a lot.

In the end it isn't the moderators that down-vote questions and answers, but the community as a whole. Moderators only step in when the proverbial [redacted] hits the fan.

If your questions are getting down-voted then the community feels that the questions don't meet the site's expectations regarding quality, content, or wording.

Have a look at the How to Ask, How not to Ask and How to Answer sections of the Help Centre to get an idea what the community expects.

I had a choppy start when I started out here and the community is always evolving so questions that were once deemed unfit are suddenly considered ok two years down the road.

Try and find a balance on how to ask and if you think your questions have been wrongfully down-voted and closed, then ask for clarification in the comments or read up on What if I disagree with the closure of a question? How can I reopen it?

Good luck.

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