In formatted SQL code, the Postgres operator #> is currently misinterpreted as comment sign, which results in confusing display. Happened here:

I can use the ```sql or the ```pgsql format specifier, no difference.

I guess this is another shortcoming of the (new) SE implementation of hightlight.js - which does have proper support for PostgreSQL and PL/pgSQL, I looked it up. It's just not properly implemented here.
(In all fairness, there have been improvements on dba.SE since I posted that.)

Of course, I don't actually know the reason for the problem. I only know I wish this would work properly on dba.SE.

The site is about databases after all. And Postgres is a major player. I don't understand why they would butcher the functionality of hightlight.js in this way.

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This seems fixed by now. Don't know when it happened, but on re-visiting this post the # character isn't misinterpreted any more:

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