This answer https://dba.stackexchange.com/a/274813 originally contained formatting like:

      LOG:  could not receive data from client:

which renders (as intended) in preview as:

preview rendering

but when posted it renders as:

- LOG: could not receive data from client:

It seems likely this is related to the new rendering or new markdown.

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Thanks for reporting. This is indeed an issue around markdown rendering. We're using two different markdown renderers - markdown-it for the client-side preview and Markdig for server-side processing. Both are processing the formatting you've given differently.

It seems like the specific formatting you're giving is interpreted quite ambiguously among different markdown implementations (here's a comparison).

This is something we'd need to fix in the upstream Markdown libraries we're using. For the time being, I suggest switching over to a slightly less ambiguous formatting - this seems to be rendered consistently across preview and server-side rendering:

- ```
  LOG: could not receive data from client:

This will show up properly in preview and rendered post:

  • LOG: could not receive data from client:

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