According to Answer appears automatically converted as a comment on meta.se:

Trivial answers containing a link to another question in the network are automatically converted to comments on the question

I came across this answer on dba.se:


I solved that issue by referring below link. stackoverflow.com/a/57307231/11701617

...together with an apparently duplicate comment:

`SHOW EVENTS` fail with `Error Code: 1545. Failed to open mysql.event`

The user has 1 rep (so can 't comment directly) and there have been no moderation actions on this Q & A, so I can only assume the automatic conversion process was responsible.

Why wasn't the answer deleted when the comment was created?

  • The comment has a timestamp of 2019-08-01 10:50:15Z
  • The answer has a timestamp of 2019-08-01 10:51:44Z (later)

There are no deleted answers at the time of writing, and that user has taken to actions beyond that one answer and comment.

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Given that the answer is newer than the comment and answers automatically converted this way don't actually leave any deleted answers behind, what likely happened here is that the user posted two such answers.

The first one was automatically converted into a comment. After this happened the user tried again, possibly wondering what happened to his answer. But this time the answer wasn't converted, likely because it doesn't actually contain a link (it's missing the https://).


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