Continuing the process started in Let's burninate the SQL tag! and Removing the SQL tag.

It is time to work our way through questions that have only the tag.

Use the results of this SEDE query as a list to work from (data refreshed weekly).

  • 2018-10-29: 224 questions tagged only

Once this is done, we can ask for the remaining tags to be deleted by a Community Manager.

Please take your time on each question, and avoid editing too many too quickly to avoid flooding the questions home page (when sorted by recently active). It's not necessary to do a block of questions at once - doing one or two now and again will still be helpful.

Please take all actions necessary on the whole Q & A page while you are there to maximize the lasting value of the Q & A. This includes:

  • Editing the tags to make the question searchable (and remove !)
  • Improving the title and body of the question for readability
  • Voting on the question and any answers
  • Incorporating relevant details only found in comments
  • Flagging comments for removal

We want to salvage as much content as possible, so please approach this task with that goal in the front of your mind.

While the primary goal of the exercise is to remove the tag, bear in mind that many of the questions you encounter may be quite old.

You may come across questions that are very obviously unsalvageable. To avoid swamping the close review queue, please do not vote to close in these cases. Raise a custom moderator flag, and briefly describe what you think should happen (close/delete) and why. Also mention the SQL tag cleanup process in your flag. In less clear cut cases, vote to close and/or delete as normal.

There is a dedicated chat room for general discussion and coordination.

While this phase of the process is not concerned with new questions being tagged , a helpful Community Manager has added the following warning to the Ask Question dialog, displayed when adding :

The [sql] tag is deprecated and will be removed soon. To specify the SQL Server database engine, use the [sql-server] tag instead. For details, see meta.

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The retagging exercise is now completed!

Huge thanks to everyone that took part.

Burnination of has been requested and will be tracked on Let's burninate the SQL tag!

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