I propose making the tag a synonym of .

Looking at existing questions, most that use have the meaning of .

For those questions about a time-ordered, human-readable archive of activity there is .

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is a useless tag (as is ), but looking at the questions it does not seem to be safe simply to make this a synonym of .

A good number (perhaps most) of the questions should be retagged using the following (mostly MySQL-specific) tags:

(these tags also need usage guidance).

For example (just from the first page of questions tagged ):

  1. Rotation of bin.log file
  2. MySQL doesn't log queries anymore
  3. MySQL general log
  4. What does "as anonymous on" means in mysql's general log?
  5. Mysql 5.6 general log file output not showing unix timestamp
  6. Error Log Location?
  7. How to Log All mysql queries into log file?
  8. Export MySQL query log to JSON format
  9. Out of memory in MySQL error log
  10. Mariadb - Variable 'innodb_log_file_size' is a read only variable
  11. Data lost in MySQL InnoDB after crash
  12. MySQL shutting down automatically
  13. Show recent select queries on Firebird database file
  14. Can a query write to the binary log BEFORE it has finished executing?
  15. Trying to make sense of the InnoDB log file stats
  16. MySQL "Statement may not be safe to log in statement format" warning
  17. MySQL slow query log to identify queries that scan tables
  18. Logging remote transactions in mariadb
  19. Access Control not logging successful logins on MongoDB 3.4 Community
  20. How to log who has connected to a Postgresql (PostGIS) database?
  21. What is default MySQL binlog retention in AWS RDS?
  22. Mysql innodb_log_buffer_size change

MySQL has a lot of logs. Note also that the binlog is not the same as a transaction log.

Once this is done by people familiar with MySQL, we can look again at what is left, and what to do about and . Probably deletion, and if necessary, blacklisting.

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