How to give badges to other . actually I asked a question at you site and I got my answer, now I want to thank him by giving him some rating or badge like that

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    I noticed the answer to your question didn't have any up votes yet. You could vote on the answer next to accepting it
    – Tom V
    May 17, 2018 at 21:24

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Your options as the asker of the question are laid out in this Help Center article:

Decide if the answer is helpful, and then...

  • Vote on it (if you have earned the appropriate voting privilege). Vote up answers that are helpful and well-researched, and vote down answers that are not. Other users will also vote on answers to your question.

  • Accept it. As the asker, you have a special privilege: you may accept the answer that you believe is the best solution to your problem.

If the answer is exceptionally good, and you have earned the set bounties privilege (75 rep required), you may also set a bounty.

As for badges, they are awarded by the system, not by users or moderators.

Feel free to visit the Help Center to learn more about how this site works.

For a quick introduction, you can also take the Tour.


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