There are a lot of different MySQL tags, but there's no tag for MySQL InnoDB Cluster. So maybe there should be a mysql-innodb-cluster tag?

Also, now that there are two MySQL Cluster products, would it make sense to rename the mysql-cluster tag to mysql-ndb-cluster? Or is this what tag synonyms are for?


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Yes, this makes sense.

Although InnoDB Cluster is still relatively new, as it was released only a year ago (see MySQL InnoDB Cluster GA is Available Now!), there are several examples of questions here on DBA.SE that could have been tagged with mysql-innodb-cluster:

Also, in further support of this proposal, I will add that InnoDB Cluster is featured prominently on the MySQL Documentation pages where there's a link to it at the top of every page. (It's right there at the top, just to the left of 'MySQL NDB Cluster'.) So it's very much 'a thing' to be reckoned with.


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