I answered a question today, and a few minutes later, so did a new user (got to review their first post). Since my answer was first, I got the 15 point bonus.

I decided I'd like to pass some of those points to the other answerer (the answers were the same, and his was slightly more detailed). I thought I could manually award a bounty - of course, once I looked, I discovered that wasn't an option. The question is too new, and I was looking to give 5 or 10 of my points, not 50.

Is there any mechanism to allow such a thing?

If not, should there be? There are ways that this could be abused, I suppose.

While I'm 99% sure the answers are "no" and "no", it seemed like it might be worth discussion; I couldn't find an existing question like this (on our meta site, at least).


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Is there any mechanism to allow such a thing?


For a more established user, the closest option would probably be to look at their other contributions and vote up a good one you hadn't encountered before. Question = 5 rep; Answer = 10 rep.

If you're really bothered by this, leave a comment for the question author asking them to change the accepted answer. Once that is done, you can delete yours if you wish.

If not, should there be?


Goodness knows the bounty system has caused enough edge cases and abuses over the years. You will get precious little support for a new ways to move reputation around, especially really small amounts.

Somewhat related:

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    I did, indeed, ask the author to make the other answer the selected one (and has already voted it up). Thanks for the answer!
    – RDFozz
    Jul 29, 2017 at 22:54

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