I couldn't find an answer to this when I searched the help pages.

I was working with a user who posted an unfavorably-received question (current score -6), and tried to help clarify what they were looking for (as well as providing an answer). I should note that, at this point, the question is still open.

I was surprised when I looked over the posts without an accepted answer (i.e., clicked "Unanswered", and couldn't see the post.

I am assuming that there's a cut-off point - that, when a question's vote total falls below a certain level, it no longer shows up on the default searches (i.e., the lists of questions you can get by clicking an option at the top of the page.

I can find it by searching, and via recent inbox messages, so it is still there.

I wondered what exactly is the cutoff point where negatively scored message are no longer seen on the default searches (I'd assume -5, but I always prefer not to assume), and if there's any setting on our accounts that would allow us to apply a different default?

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Questions are hidden from the homepage when their score is -4 or less. (On meta sites, it is -8 or less). Source.

Such questions are not hidden from the /questions pages, however. Compare:

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