DBA SE has an ORACLE tag and a SPATIAL tag, but it doesn't have an ORACLE-SPATIAL tag.

Sites that that presently have an ORACLE-SPATIAL tag are:

I think it would be helpful to have a tag that pertains specifically to the Oracle Spatial product. It would allow people to differentiate between topics/datatypes that are ORACLE and SPATIAL in nature, but not ORACLE-SPATIAL (example: a user-defined datatype or manual spatial calculations that do not use Oracle Spatial) versus topics/datatypes that are strictly related to ORACLE-SPATIAL (and it's SDO_Geometry data-type, packages, functions, etc.).

Should an ORACLE-SPATIAL tag be created on DBA SE?



Compound tags should be discouraged. The only thing a compound tag does is waste a slot better suited for something that adds a descriptive quality. Tags aren't categories. They should be atomic. That's why you can search for [spatial] [oracle]

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