I have a question in the Geographic Information Systems SE community that is directly related to databases. Us non-DBAs are a bit confused about primary key constraints. (As insane as it might sound, primary key constraints aren't typically used in GIS databases.)

How can I draw the attention of knowledgeable DBA-SE community members to this question? It is my understanding that cross-listing posts is against the Stack Exchange rules. Otherwise, I'd just post the same question in DBA-SE.

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    You already have all the answers you need right there (including your own). What more are you expecting to achieve? – mustaccio Mar 14 '17 at 20:04

There are several general options:

  • Mention your existing question in the target community's main chat room. For us, that would be The Heap. People may be willing to join the other site to answer there.
  • Share a link to the question on social media or other platforms where database people are
  • If the question gets no answers after a reasonable period of time, simply delete it and re-ask it on the other site (not applicable in the current case).
  • Flag the question for a moderator to migrate (not applicable since the question has an open bounty, which has drawn attention, though you could wait until the bounty expires)
  • Ask your question on the target site as well. This can be OK, so long as you customize your question for the target audience (i.e. not copy-paste).

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