Is this edit correct?


I thought that sql-server-2008 automatically includes sql-server tag? Or was I wrong?


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The general SQL Server tag is useful for people looking to answer questions about SQL Server in general.

The specific version tag is useful for:

  • answerers, so they know what features and syntax may or may not be used in their solution
  • future readers, so they know whether answers there might be more likely to be relevant to their problem

It may seem like sql-server-2008 would "include" sql-server but this isn't quite true. If you only tagged sql-server-2008, and someone didn't know (or care) if a solution was "only" for SQL Server 2008 (and what solution is only for a specific version), they might not find it, because maybe they're using SQL Server 2012 and wouldn't have thought to search for sql-server-2008.

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