I have earned the socratic badged, I formally received a message this morning about this, however, after I clicked track next badge I expected to see it showing on my profile, but it hasn't.

This is the only proof I got, when I try to add it for tracking it says that I already have it.

No, It doesn't change anything and I don't suffer out of lack of self esteem, (sometimes, out of ignorance it is quite the opposite) but the badges, reputation and specially the great answers and the great people I have come across here in this site do yes help me in my DBA studies as well as to be a better man.

enter image description here

To conclude:

enter image description here

if you think it is fair, please con-decorate me with my new gold badge.

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I know it's exciting to be the first person to earn the Socratic badge, but let's wait the recommended 24 hours before panicking too much. It's taken at least 100 days to earn, so 1 more day shouldn't hurt :)

Not saying you were wrong to raise this on meta, and I do understand you are rightly keen to have this gold badge display as it should.

...and now it does:

Socratic awarded

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