Noticed my score was credited -1 due to downvote. Funny thing the record references the topic which I didn't ask and never answered. Bug or something?


Topic: Splitting a large table


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The -1 would be associated with a downvote you cast on someone else's answer. From that link:

What happens when I vote down?

When you vote down, you are nudging that content "down" the page, so it will be seen by fewer people. Voting down answers is not something we want you to take lightly, so it is not free.

  • Downvotes remove 2 reputation from the post owner.
  • Downvotes on answers remove 1 reputation from you, the voter.
  • Downvotes on questions are free. (Why?)
  • You can vote 30 times per UTC day. You get an additional 10 votes on questions only. (Why?)

If you want to check your complete reputation calculation, see your personal reputation report.


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