While I have enough rep to create a new tag, I figured this one was worth asking the community about first before creating it.

There are plenty of questions regarding Ola Hallengren's solution for database maintenance. I was wondering if it makes sense to provide a tag ola-hallengren (or something like that)? This way one could very easily locate questions related to those particular solutions. I realize this would only ever end up on questions tagged with sql-server and possibly database-maintenance. I just was curious if it made sense.

(As an afterthought....would we need his permission to make a tag after his name?)


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I don't have very strong feelings about this, but on balance I think it is OK to create this tag.

Some factors that I considered before making that statement:

  • We did have an tag before, but as I recall it was only applied to a very small number of questions. It was auto-deleted when those questions were de-tagged, for whatever reason. I don't believe it was an explicit moderator- or meta-driven action. It just happened.

  • We have roughly 50 well-received questions right now on this topic.

  • Ola does have an account here, and has been active in the past, but not since August 2015.

    profile for Ola Hallengren at Database Administrators Stack Exchange, Q&A for database professionals who wish to improve their database skills and learn from others in the community

  • Ola may find the tag useful to address support issues, which could help encourage participation.

  • The tag seems useful enough for the normal reasons.

  • I don't believe we need Ola's permission to create , but if there is objection, we can act on it accordingly.

  • It might be (warning: complete speculation!) that the previous removal of the tag contributed to Ola's decision not to participate here as much. If so (big if), one extra tag seems a small price to pay to potentially help fix that.

If you do decide to add the tag, please do so in small batches (say 5 at a time) with a decent gap in between to avoid flooding the home page with modified questions.

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    A nice reply Paul.
    – Shanky
    Feb 19, 2016 at 8:52

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