As an example this question was edited and tagged with which refers to the Oracle Listener, not SQL Server. enter image description here

In that respect should a tag be created? This may be considered rare cases by some but there are other questions could have this tag added if created (examples here, here, and here).

If so, any preference on naming? [Examples: or maybe?]

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I'm not a fan of having tags per product (aside from the top level ones, of course), so is a non-starter for me.

There does not appear to be any crucial difference between an Oracle Net Listener, and any other sort of Listener, so it seems unnecessary to create , especially since only has 47 questions (21 in the past 12 months).

It would seem better to edit the existing wiki and excerpt to be more generic, covering all types of network listener.

There are no questions (except the one mentioned in the question) that are not already tagged , so no information would be lost. The subject question would then be quite happily tagged as-is:

Update: Based on the feedback, I have edited the existing tag excerpt and wiki.

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