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Which version of AdventureWorks has a column called CustomerId on sales.vIndividualCustomer?

It was closed as "too localized." Adventure Works is THE sample database for SQL Server. The number of publicly released Adventure Works schemas fits in a TINYINT, and the answer to my question could be achieved by a simple but exhaustive search. I literally required one more step to come from the question to self answer. I think its a suitable question under the circumstances.

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  • Even given all you've said, don't you think the question is "not relevant to most of our audience" simply by virtue of being specific to what I assume is a fairly old version of Studio? – Jack Douglas Nov 15 '15 at 7:42
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    If the question can be answered with a 'simple but exhaustive search' why didn't you search yourself but chose to ask us to do the work? – Tom V Nov 15 '15 at 8:33

The question has an accepted answer - what would reopening (allowing additional answers) achieve? Please edit your question to clarify - and perhaps unaccept the existing answer if appropriate. I'm not opposed to reopening it, but you need to make the case clearer.

Update: On reflection, I have decided to reopen the question so you can self-answer it. There's no real harm in doing so, and we can always close it again afterward if that is appropriate. I do still think it's odd that you have left the existing answer accepted though.

Update: As no new answer was forthcoming after a month of reopening, I have re-closed the question.

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